Use Tactical Flashlight for Home DefenseHave you ever walked at night somewhere where there are no people at the time (like in a parking lot, a dark and lonely street, etc.) but you keep on feeling that someone or people are watching you?

If you have, the chances are that you were very scared, especially if you began seeing shadowing images and sounds; even though they were cats knocking garbage cans.

This is the time that people wish they had some protection on them. Well, when it comes to security, there are indeed many ways to achieve the goal. One of this ways is owning and having a self-defense flashlight.

In a matter of fact, one of the best defense tools to own is a self-defense tactical flashlight. This is because these devices can serve many purposes. Below are few ways a tactical light can keep you safe.


One of the benefits of having a self-defense flashlight is that you can use it to improve your vision in several situations that require light. For example, if you are in a survival situation, you can improve your odds by using the flashlight.

Keep in mind that if someone wants to attack you, you need to see them and the kind of weapon they have. If you were driving and your car breaks down, you can use the flashlight illumination to seek help.

Brightness/Strobe Effect

Lumens is an important feature of a flashlight

The fact is that an attacker cannot be effective when he cannot see you. In other words, a good flashlight will cause blindness temporally to your attackers. This is especially effective in dark situations or places. Human biological science has proven that if a flash of light is illuminated, more light will hit the retina in the eyes.

The pigments are then saturated with information sent to the brain. The rhodopsin tends to be slow when responding to stimuli, and it takes around ten to thirty seconds for it to return to regular light reception (all this will depend on the light intensity and dark surrounding).

A flash of light disturbs this process that causes vision impairment. The after effects of rhodopsin saturation is also known as “night blindness.” Therefore, through a self-defense torch, you can take advantage of this when faced with danger.

  • The Streamlight 88040 has been featured with a 750 lumen (which is very bright). This means that this product has the power also to disorient and confuse your attackers.
  • The Klarus XT11GT flashlight emits massive 2000 lumens which can be suitable for any critical situation.

The light can also help in situations where you are stranded. In other words, light can be used to send out SOS. For example, if you somehow find yourself in a desert and you are stranded. Then in the distance, you see people walking, you can use the light to send out a signal.

Striking Tool

Use Flashlight to Blind IntruderSome self-defense tactical torches can act as striking tools if all come to it. For example, a crenelated bezel has been featured with a jagged edge that protrudes from the front rim and around the lens. If used to strike soft tissue, it can create a gaping wound. This feature can be so effective if you hit the attacker on the forehead. When blood dips down to the eyes can impair the attacker’s vision.

Self-defence tactical lights with about ¾ to 1-inch diameter is the best since it fits perfectly in all hands and can be moved easily.

The Signalling Device

Another benefit of having a self-defense tactical light is that it can be used to signal for help. Light travels faster and longer than sound, and this is a physical fact. Therefore, when you are having problems, you can use it to signal for help.

However, even all this is beneficial; it is important to note that light can also attract attackers to you and therefore, one needs to use it appropriately. Because of this, some self-defense instructors recommend using the light and then turning it off and move to another location.


With all the above uses, benefits and features, we can all agree that tactical flashlights can truly save you in many situations. Rather than carrying heavy self-defense tools like firearms, a flashlight can save you in many situations a firearm cannot. If you cannot see well, a flashlight will save you.

There are many tactical flashlight on the market today for self-protection. We have mentioned few but, consider researching to find the best for you on the market. Having a defensive flashlight is the beginning of protecting yourself.


My name is John Winger, I was born and raised in Virginia. I spent a good part of my early adult life in the US military, namely the Army and served in Iraq. I saw my fair share of combat missions and thanks to that experience I have a better understanding and appreciate for what my country means to me and the world.