While tactical backpacks offer many conveniences regarding carrying your items without having to use your arms, many people suffer from back problems due to overloading their packs or not carrying them in the proper manner. The good news is that there are ways for you to avoid back pain while carrying tactical backpacks and even help relieve the pain caused in the past.

Here are four simple methods that you can use to find the right tactical backpack and keep from getting back pain.

Find the Right Tactical Backpack:

First and foremost; you will need to select the right type of backpack that properly fits your body. The best tactical backpacks for back problem issues are those that fit your body correctly so that the weight is evenly distributed. This means that you will need to find a backpack of the right size and shape that is adjustable so that it fits properly.

Don’t Overload the Backpack: Arguably the most common reason people suffer from back pain while wearing tactical backpacks is that they put too much weight in them. Just because a backpack is designed to carry a certain amount of weight does not mean that your shoulders and back can carry that weight comfortably for a long time. Instead, you should only pack what you need and remove anything that is not necessary to reduce the weight.

If that is still not enough, find other ways to carry the excess items such as belt packs or perhaps using a cart or wheeled device to pull behind you.

Carry Tactical Backpack Right Way or It will Hurt BackCenter the Weight:

Finding the right balance is key to carrying the weight correctly which greatly reduces the chance of back pain. The weight should be centered along your upper back and distributed so that both shoulders and your back muscles are working on an equal basis.

While the weight can shift around from time to time, you’ll want to keep it in the center as long as possible.

Don’t Let the Backpack Droop:

Another big cause of back pain is allowing the tactical backpack to droop or slide down to the middle and even lower part of your back. This puts added pressure on your shoulders and in particular your upper back muscles. So, be sure to keep the weight on the upper part of your back.

Get Relief from Existing Back Pain:

If you are already suffering from back pain thanks to your tactical backpack, there are some ways to find relief after you purchase a new model.

You will need to bring more blood to the affected muscle groups to feel relief, so stretching exercises will help certainly. Just remember not to overdo it. However, the best way to relieve pain in the upper back is to strengthen the back muscles using a series of simple exercises. You do not need to lift heavy weights, but instead, use body weight and resistance exercises that build up the muscles so that you can carry more weight without pain.

Try to follow the exercises recommended in this video:

You can also take over the counter medications such as aspirin and other pain relievers that are dedicated to taking away back pain.


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