There are several different types of backpacks and bags that are essential for camping, hiking, or military deployment. One of the most important is the army toiletry bag that has been used for many years to carry toiletry and medical supplies in many different situations.

What is A Tactical Toiletry Bag?

Inside of a Toiletry Bag
This Toiletry Bag is Spacious and Can Accommodate Everything!

Basically, this is a bag that carries specialized supplies and small equipment to handle the toiletry and medical needs of those on the trip. While not exactly a first aid kit, it is a bag designed to hold toiletry items for cleaning and grooming as well as medications and some first aid supplies in case they are needed to address small injuries or medical needs.

The toiletry bag goes back several decades in military service which used to combine all the supplies a soldier carried in one or two bags or compartments which made things quite messy.

By the middle of the 20th century, the toiletry bag was coming into its own as a necessary item for carrying these supplies. Today, it is the type of bag considered necessary for all kinds of trips into the outdoors. Sometimes the bag holds the necessary items for one person or a group of individuals depending on their needs.

What to Look for in A Military Toiletry Bag?

When shopping for this type of bag, there are a number of things that you will need to look for to get the right one for your needs.

Size: This is a very important consideration because you will need to carry it along with other bags and backpacks to your destination. So, it needs to be the right size for your needs. This means large enough to hold all the toiletries, medications, and first aid items while being small enough to be easily carried.

Maxpedition Gear Toiletries Bag
Another Perfect One from Maxpedition!

Waterproof: All of the items carried in a toiletry bag need to be kept away from moisture. Therefore, it is imperative that the bag you choose be waterproof. Preferably, you’ll want a bag with a waterproof coating such as Teflon for example which not only keeps the inside dry but also prevents the staining of the material.

Easy Access: Most toiletry bags are designed with a large, single flap so you can access the contents quickly and easily. This means that first aid supplies and medications can be brought out in seconds to treat an injury or medical condition.

Another aspect of all good toiletry bags is that the items are kept separately so you can access what you need quickly.

This generally means your toiletry kit, medications, and bottles for different uses are held independently so that you can access them quickly.

Naturally, you will want to have a sturdy, durable tactical toiletry bag that is built to last for years, so it will need reinforced corners and straps. When the bags are well made, they can last for a very long time with only a little maintenance. So, when you are shopping for this type of bag, be sure to look for quality, access, compartments, and waterproof materials before you buy.

Toiletry bag is needed for a particular purpose, but when you are going for deployment, you need a durable military backpack as well. You can read our top 10 reviews here.


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