Tactical flashlights are an excellent, non-lethal way of protecting yourself and family when the need arises. There are many ways an individual can defend themselves from potential physical attacks and sexual assault or theft such as carjacking, purse snatching, and burglary.

How Tactical Flashlight is Used for Self-Defense?

Techniques and Functions to Use Tactical Flashlight for Personal DefenseWhile some people take long self-defense classes for physical altercations and some go out and purchase firearms, you never actually know when and where you may encounter the need for personal defense. The goal of defense is to protect yourself and make the aggressor flee. This is where tactical flashlights are one of the best tools to use to avoid getting physical with an attacker, but rather make them escape. To learn about the best tactical flashlight in the market, read this review.

Firearms cannot be brought onto most campuses and cannot be brought to high target areas such as bank, movie theater, and other locations where individuals have money stolen or are at risk in parking lots outside, where they can be attacked or kidnapped.

Both men and women can carry tactical flashlights and neither need extensive courses in self-defense nor a permit to carry.

Most robbers, burglars, rapists and other aggressors are looking for an easy target. A tactical flashlight is ideal because, unlike most flashlights, they are designed for police use and are smaller than regular flashlights, they emit much more light, and are made of excellent materials for durability. These make them handy in everyday life and as a personal defense tool for the average man and woman.

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Self Defense Functions:

There are a few functions that bright tactical flashlights serve that make it perfect for personal defense.

First, attackers will often find easy targets in the cover of darkness. A flashlight can help you identify threats in low-light conditions long before they get to you. This takes away the attacker’s advantage and eliminates their surprise tactics. Sometimes, merely shining a light on a potential bad guy is enough to make them go away.

Second, the tactical flashlight will do what it does best. If you have ever been on the receiving end of bright light when it is dark outside, you know how painful, disorienting, and shocking it is. For an attacker, not being able to see means that they cannot act. It is like being pepper sprayed, except, they literally can see nothing but the light. This gives you the advantage as the natural reaction of the human eye in low light conditions, is to expand the pupil to allow more light in. Having a light from a high-performance tactical flashlight shined in your eyes in low light or dark conditions will not give the wide pupils enough time to narrow–it will sear your attacker’s eyes and disorient them and make them vulnerable. This will give you the time to get away.

Why Shouldn’t You Underestimate it?

Use Flashlight to Blind IntruderMany people believe themselves to be helpless in a hypothetical situation if they were threatened or attacked when they are alone. Flashlights are an underestimated tool. Carrying a tactical flashlight around is perfect for daily life when you are in a situation in which you really could use some light, and it is great to have in case you encounter an individual or situation that has the potential to be dangerous. These flashlights are small and can fit in any man’s pocket and any woman’s purse. They are great to carry around, even if you do not plan on having to use it to thwart would-be attackers. You can purchase a 130 Lumens military flashlight which should be enough to blind the attackers at least for few seconds. However, it is always important to plan your safety out ahead of time.

Bottom Line:

If used correctly and attention is paid on how to use a tactical flashlight properly, there is not an aggressor out there who can withstand a direct hit to the eyes and face it without getting spooked, their plans averted, and blinded – therefore, vulnerable. They will want to get out of there fast, and will leave you, your family, and your possessions alone.


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