For those who have been walking to their car at night, perhaps dropping their keys or worse, finding themselves in a situation where they have to defend themselves, the tactical flashlight offers the right answer for all three cases.

Here are our best tactical flashlight reviews for you.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

What makes a tactical flashlight different from standard versions is two-fold, its construction and the amount of light or lumens it can put out. The best tactical flashlight is generally small enough to easily fit into your hand and operate while being robust and durable enough to be used as a weapon if needed. Plus, the amount of light it puts out must be bright enough to blind temporarily or disorient the assailant so that you can properly react.

These flashlights are currently used by law enforcement and the military for a variety of reasons, including shooting in low-light conditions. However, they are very versatile in nature and work well for civilians who can use the extra protection and convenience they provide.

How to Use Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense?

Use Tactical Flashlight for Self DefenseThis type of flashlight can be as handy as your pocket knife when it comes to everyday uses. One of the most important is finding your way in the darkness in case of a power outage or when out in the countryside. However, other uses make this a remarkable defensive device.

Identify Potential Threats: Darkness is used by assailants when attacking their victims. You can brighten up their hiding places by using the flashlight to eliminate their advantage. Sometimes, even shining the beam of light in the attacker’s face is enough to get them to retreat.

Disorient Attackers: For assailants who do not run off, a bright light in their eyes will temporarily blind or disorient them so that you can act. Depending on your situation, you can run away, get assistance, or disable the attacker. The light can be re-used to keep them disoriented until they are no longer a threat.

Weapon: Finally, if you are forced to strike your attacker, a tactical flashlight is usually made from aluminum and is designed to take impacts while still operating. This means that you can disorient and then strike the attacker with the same flashlight if needed. Also, if the end has a serrated bezel you can break a car window with it.

What to Look for in a Tactical Flashlight?

When shopping for the best defense flashlight, it must have some features that will be useful in situations where you might be in danger.

–    Bright Light: It must put out at least 120 Lumens to be effective
–    Low Light: A power-saving low light of 5 to 15 Lumens to find your way around
–    Toothed or Serrated Bezel: For breaking car windows
–    Compact: Must be small enough to fit comfortably into your hand
–    Rugged: Must be made from aluminum or sturdy enough materials to be used as a weapon

The tactical flashlight has many uses and the best are often reasonably priced so that you can carry them for many years to come


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