If you are going out for a quick trek in the woods or need something to pack essentials in case of an emergency, the standard backpack is probably going to be too heavy and cumbersome for the task. What you need is a tactical bug-out bag that provides a better way to be prepared for a variety of events. The best tactical backpack needs to be very well designed, comfortable, durable, and should have enough compartments in it.

What is a Tactical Bug Out Bag?

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This is an item popular with hikers, campers, survivalists, and those who like to prepare themselves in case natural disaster strikes. Although very similar in basic appearance to a standard backpack, this type of bag is lighter and simpler to pack. It is designed to be packed quickly and carried for long distances if needed.

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This type of bag comes in different sizes, although most have large compartments so that you can store a wide variety of items. The materials that make up this type of bag are lightweight, yet very durable so they can last under different conditions. The bags also have large compartments made for quick and easy storage. However, what type of tactical bug-out bag essentials should you take?

How to Pack This Type of Bag?

How you use the bag is going to dictate the items and the manner in which they will need to be packed. The typical tactical bug out gear for hikers and campers includes the following;

–    Sleeping gear
–    Food
–    Shelter
–    Lighter
–    Change of socks, underwear, and other clothing
–    Rain gear

This is the type of bag you quickly pack when going for a quick weekend hike or camping adventure. It should contain the basics to get you through the next couple of days. However, if your bag is designed for emergency situations such as power outages or natural events, then you’ll want to pre-pack it with the following;

  • Non-perishable food such as protein bars, trails mix, etc.
  • Sleeping gear
  • Emergency phone and medical kit
  • Shelter, lighter, change of socks

Packing the bag for emergency uses means having it at the ready in case disaster strikes. Unlike hiking in the woods where you will need to be comfortable for your adventure, equipping your bug-out bag is guided by getting to another location. This is why having emergency gear is crucial in case you need assistance.

You can also pack your bug-out tactical bag for specific events such as shooting competitions, endurance oriented activities, or other types of events where you need the right gear. The good news about this type of bag is its versatility in that you can pack many different items quickly to go on a trip or you can keep one packed for specific uses.

This type of bag is very versatile and quite handy for some different purposes. Be sure to get one that is crafted from nylon or similar materials as it will be lightweight and durable for your trip.


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