SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-06 Review

I have to say, working in the emergency services I never knew how much I would rely on a flashlight. However, if you are like me your first assignment is never day shift, it is always the night shift.

This is when you need to realize you need a great tactical flashlight that will light up everything you need and know it will work for a long time.

I found that in the SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-06 which I am going to review here.

SOG DE06 in Hand

Holding this is a pleasure! No doubt.

Light is undoubtedly one of the things that humans cannot live without. I can personally attest to this because for a very long time, I used to struggle in my profession because of inadequate lighting. Prior to finding the perfect tactical flashlight for me, I tried many brands but they all disappointed me somehow. So, is SOG DE-06 going to solve my problem?

Is This Light Durable?

This is one of the best features you are going to like about this light and that is the fact this is a light that is very durable. You are going to find the light will take quite a bit of abuse before it starts to break on you or even starts to fail.

Can This Light Be Recharged?

When you are looking at most of these tactical flashlights, if you are like me, the battery will go dead quickly because they are used so often. This means I had to get a stock in Energizer or Duracell depending on what was on sale in the store that day.

By looking at this light, I found I was able to save quite a bit of money because it does have a charger that you can use, and know it will get you back to full juice quickly.

Are The Multiple Light Modes Easy To Use?

I found this part to be a little bit more of the tricky side compared to some of the other flashlights I have used. You will find you have to keep hitting the button to get the different functions to work. The problem I found is if you are using the button quite a bit to change modes it can start to wear out at times.

Will This Light Be Bright In The Darkness?

The amount of light you are going to get will vary depending on the environment. However, I did find this is a light that will provide you with quite a bit of light. The downside is if you need to have a lot of side illumination it will be difficult to get as this light is more of a pinpoint type of staring light.

Does The Light Have A Wide Spread Coverage?

Light Spread Sample

We just mentioned above this is going to be a light that has a very focused beam. This will work great for close-up work, but if you are a firefighter and need the broad setup for your gear this will not work as this is going to be very difficult for you to get the broad light you want to have to see.

See this picture for guesswork.


  • This is a durable light that is going to be able to take quite a bit of abuse.
  • The light is very bright and if the weather is right you will be able to see a fair distance in front of you.
  • Has four different light modes that you can switch back and forth between to get the great look you want to have.
  • check This does come with the battery and the charger you can use to get the light to work.


  • The battery life can seem shorter than what you would expect as the full power you only get 75 minutes of time.
  • When you are changing modes it can be very difficult to keep the mode that you want as you may end up clicking quickly and bypass the mode you want to have.
  • The light cannot be mounted easily onto a fire helmet if you are planning on using this for firefighting.


I have to say when I was looking at this flashlight I was very happy with it. However, at the same time, I found the flashlight was lacking in one thing. That was the fact that I was not really able to get the buttons down in an emergency and would constantly click the button wrong and miss the light I needed to have.


The SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-06 is a flashlight that will do the job for you. However, I found the light with the different modes needs to have some changes to make it more user-friendly. With that being the case, it is a bright light that definitely pinpoints everything that you need and makes it easier to see specific details. Overall, this is a decent flashlight and one you can use, but you need to make sure you are ready for the problems you could have with the light modes.