Rule of 3 for Survival – Oxygen, Shelter, Water and Food!

The basics of survival start with the understanding of what is vital to your existence. The rule of 3 for survival is an easy way to remember what is important so you can be prepared the next time you go out into the wilderness.

What is the Rule of 3s?

Always Remember Rule of 3 in WildernessThe survival rule of 3s is four separate rules that encompass the basics of survival. The understanding of each rule will help you to prepare and keep calm so you can take the appropriate action. Put simply; you can survive;

  • 3 Minutes Without Oxygen
  • 3 Hours Without Proper Shelter if the Environment is Harsh
  • 3 Days Without Water
  • 3 Weeks Without Food

While there are some variations depending on the conditions, for the most part, they serve as a reminder about how long you can survive under each circumstance. The rules are designed to focus your mind on the most immediate issue and solve it before you move on to something else.

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3 Minutes Without Oxygen

The most important survival rule of 3, it may seem at first that a lack of oxygen is a remote possibility, but consider those who have asthma, have an allergic reaction or are choking on something. Learning the Heimlich maneuver and being able to perform it on yourself may save your life if no one else is around.

Without an inhaler or epinephrine shot, they will not be able to survive more than three minutes without getting air into their lungs. Therefore, having such items is vital for those who suffer from such reactions and wearing medic alert bracelets to inform others when they cannot speak themselves.

3 Hours Without Shelter

If your clothes become wet in cold conditions, you may not have more than three hours of survival time because your body will start to shut down due to hypothermia. If you are planning to go out in cold or hot weather conditions, be sure to take along the necessary survival gear that will help regulate your body temperature.

3 Days Without Water

The answer here is to bring along plenty of water in case you become trapped or lost in the wilderness. You may want to bring along two sources of water so that if something happens to one, you’ll have a backup. Plus, if you are out on the water or in the ocean, a water pump that filters out the salt and impurities will help you get what you need.

3 Weeks Without Food

Admittedly, this rule of three survival does vary as some people can go up to 30 days without food or more and still survive. While the idea of being without food for three weeks may seem far-fetched to some, it is a possibility that may occur if disaster strikes. You may want to stock your home or emergency shelter with food just in case the worst should happen.

The 3 3 3 rule is one to keep in mind when preparing for outdoor adventures if someone has asthma or allergic reactions, or disaster strikes. The survival rule of 3s can save your life thanks to better preparation.