Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight Review – Should You Give It A Try?

​Are you a hunter, a hardcore survivalist, an avid hiker or camper, in law enforcement or military? Well, after spending some decent time in the military, I know for sure that having a good tactical flashlight is essential.

Why so? The truth is that I have owned several tactical flashlights over the years and I can attest that a tactical flashlight will do almost everything from helping you find your missing keys to saving you from a dangerous situation and even as a self-defense tool.

​Klarus XT11GT Flashlight Full Review

XT11GT from Klarus

​While I have owned several tactical flashlights over the years, none of them came close to giving me the experience that the Klarus XT11GT gave me. This high-intensity flashlight is no ordinary device, and it will even temporarily blind someone who is trying to attack you.

Before we can go into the pros and cons of this device, let’s first look at its features.


​The Klarus XT11GT is a rechargeable tactical flashlight offering impressive features at a pocket-friendly price. One of the reasons I loved this gadget is that packs several remarkable features in its compact design. Some of its features include:

  • ​Powerful Flashlight
  • Multiple Output Capabilities
  • Programmable Tactical Flashlight
  • Versatility and Assorted Accessories

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​Blinding Brightness

​I am always excited to see what lumen outputs the latest tactical flashlights in the market can deliver. I was particularly blown away by Klarus XT11GT’s 2000 lumen brightness in its turbo brightness level, which is undoubtedly too much power coming from such a compact gadget. All its lumen output capabilities are as a result of the CREE XHP35 HDE4 LED which delivers a flash that will blind almost everyone.

​And with this flashlight, there is nothing you cannot do from game hunting to night camping. I could not help but be impressed by the amount of brightness delivered by this flashlight.

​Different Modes For Different Situations

​A 2000 lumen flashlight is apparently an impressive gadget to have, but I doubt you will ever need that kind of turbo brightness. With four brightness settings and two flashing modes, you are at liberty to choose the brightness level of your choice.

Brightness Test from Car

The brightness settings are low (10 lumens), medium (100 lumens), high (400 lumens) and turbo (2000 lumens).

​​In most of my applications, I did not need anything more than 100 lumens. And if you’re in an emergency situation, the XT11GT also features two flashing modes; the SOS mode (100 lumens) and the Strobe mode (2000 lumens).

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​ Three Programmable Settings

​This is a truly unique feature that I liked about the ​XT11GT from Klarus. This tactical flashlight features three operating settings, i.e., advanced tactical, outdoor and tactical, which you can choose from depending on your needs. The tactical setting is the right setting for your regular everyday use.

The outdoor setting gives you an instant low-light or high-light intensity and could be used in different environs. The high-intensity level is activated by pressing the main switch while the low-intensity level is activated by a secondary switch. The advanced tactical setting works in SOS mode and turbo brightness level. All three settings are meant for use in different tactical situations that you could face.

Klarus Tactical USB Rechargeable Flashlight

​Photo Credit: Amazon.com

​Versatile Functions

​While I did not love the flashlight’s programmable settings since they were difficult to maneuver, I was impressed by the gadgets versatile functions. Some of the aspects that were really impressive include the battery capacity indicator, side switch lock function, a smart temperature control system, USB rechargeable, and easy mode navigation. With its direct recharging function, I could easily plum my standard Micro USB cable into its side charging port.

​This ultra-compact and lightweight tactical flashlight also comes with assorted accessories like a pocket clip, a wall adapter, a car charger, USB charging cable and a lanyard.

​Having reviewed the features of the Klarus XT11GT, let’s look at the pros and cons of the device.


  • ​It is lightweight and has a compact designIt is lightweight and has a compact design
  • ​Emits a powerful flash with a long beam throwEmits a powerful flash with a long beam throw
  • ​USB rechargeableUSB rechargeable
  • ​Has a battery capacity indicatorHas a battery capacity indicator
  • Versatile due to its three programmable settings
  • Long lifespan all thanks to its robust body design
  • ​Brighter than tactical flashlights of the same sizeBrighter than tactical flashlights of the same size
  • ​Waterproof and impact resistantWaterproof and impact resistant


  • ​It can be difficult to navigate some of its featuresIt can be difficult to navigate some of its features
  • You must read the manual to understand its advanced settings
  • Operating instructions are difficult to understand
  • ​The tail switch is cumbersomeThe tail switch is cumbersome
  • ​The gadget’s battery tends to overheatThe gadget’s battery tends to overheat

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

​Q: Can The Flashlight Work With AA batteries?

A: I haven’t given the AA batteries a try, but they are smaller than the flashlight’s default battery.

​Q: Can I charge my flashlight in the car?

A: Yes, absolutely. This flashlight comes with a USB car adapter.

​Q: How long will it take to charge?

​A: This often depends on how drained your battery is, and it could take between 3 and 6 hours.

​Q: What is the flashlight’s size?

​A: It is not such a massive device, only 5.6 inches.

​Q: Can I charge my flashlight from a power bank?

​A: Yes, you can. Provided you have the necessary charging accessories.

​Final Verdict

​The Klarus XT11GT is quite an impressive tactical flashlight with excellent light output and advanced features. However, if you do not take time reading its manual, you could have a difficult time operating it.

​The overall quality is good, and the flashlight is suitable for almost anyone from the average civilian to the Special Forces soldier serving a mission, at least this is what I found out while doing a thorough review.

​I would vouch for this tactical flashlight though you could also explore other options as well.

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