Survival Electronic Gadgets

For many survivalists, electronic devices are a must in the wild. From offering convenience to ways of saving your life, having the right gadgets handy can make all the difference when hiking, camping, or hunting outdoors.

Here are seven essential electronic gadgets you will need when taking your next trip into the great outdoors.

Bheestie Bag

While not an electronic gadget per say, if your device gets wet, this bag will dry it out. The pellets inside the bag draw out the moisture inside the device so that it can be operated faster.

Over a 24-hour period, this bag will draw out twice as much moisture as uncooked rice, a common product used in saving damp gadgets.

Ham Radio

While your cell phone is important, there needs to be a cell tower nearby for it to be of any use. A two-way radio is better since it does not rely on nearby transmission towers, but a HAM radio is best.

While more expensive than traditional two-way radio, it also has a greater range. If you do not care to go through the licensing process, get a CB radio instead.

GPS Tracker

At least one electronic gadget should have a GPS tracker so that you can be located. Whether it is a separate tracker or incorporated into your mobile device, laptop, or other gadgets, having a way for rescuers to find you is of paramount importance. If you can, have as many GPS trackers as there are people in your group for backup purposes and in case you get separated.


While a laptop might not have the communication element of smartphones or the smaller, more convenient size of a tablet, it does carry far more computing power. So important is it that you’ll want to select a tactical backpack for laptops as they can properly protect this device.

LED Head Lamp

You’ll want to get one with both a high and low-intensity setting to be used all night if necessary. The headlamp lets you see in the dark without occupying one of your hands, uses standard AAA batteries, and provides a greater convenience that can be quite handy.

Solar-Powered Radio

While hand-crank radios work day and night, they must be cranked every 30 minutes. A solar-powered radio or boombox has an internal battery that stores the energy so you can listen to weather reports or your favorite tunes. You can also select versions with USB ports to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

Solar Power Generator

You’ll want to choose one compatible with the other electronic gadgets you carry and has good solar panels that can charge even when it’s cloudy outside. Do not go cheap when getting solar panels, but a good solar power generator is easy to use, silent in operation and provides a consistent power source.

Having these seven essential electronic gadgets will help make your survival out in the wilderness far easier and more comfortable.


My name is John Winger, I was born and raised in Virginia. I spent a good part of my early adult life in the US military, namely the Army and served in Iraq. I saw my fair share of combat missions and thanks to that experience I have a better understanding and appreciate for what my country means to me and the world.