ALICE Pack vs MOLLE Pack

Alice Pack for Rough Use

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in military backpacks among the civilian population looking for rugged, durable packs for camping, hiking, or survival purposes. Two of the most popular types are the ALICE and MOLLE. While each type of backpack is similar in many ways, there are important differences that you will need […]

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What Are Lumens in a Flashlight?

When shopping around for flashlights, you may have run across the term “lumens” when reading the packaging. When it comes to light, most people are familiar with “watts” which is how light bulbs are rated for the public. But what are lumens in flashlights and why are they important? The Definition of Lumens A lumen […]

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What to Pack in a Tactical Bug Out Bag?

If you are going out for a quick trek in the woods or need something to pack essentials in case of an emergency, the standard backpack is probably going to be too heavy and cumbersome for the task. What you need is a tactical bug out bag that provides a better way to be prepared […]

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Tactical Flashlight with Strobe

Benefits of Stobe Function in Flashlight

Today’s tactical flashlights are designed to disorient and temporarily blind a potential attacker through the use of dazzling light. However, there are some products which come with a strobe feature that is designed to produce the disorientation without necessarily creating a blinding effect. Here are the Reviews of Top Tactical Flashlights What is a Strobe […]

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Tactical Flashlight FAQ – Things You Must Know!

Tactical Flashlight with LED bulb

The portable flashlight has proven itself over the decades as being an essential item for emergencies when light is needed. One variant of the standard flashlight is the very popular tactical version that not only provides a substantial amount of light to blind potential intruders or attackers but also offers other uses. Table of ContentsWhat […]

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