Best Tactical Backpack Review; Top 10 Shortlisted for You!

I bet there aren’t many people who’d disagree with me when I say that the tactical backpack is one of the most valuable things to have when going on an outdoor excursion.

Am I Right?

If you are a law enforcement professional, an avid outdoorsman, military personnel, a survivalist, or a casual hiker, then you understand how important a dependable, well-put-together backpack is. The hallmarks of the best tactical backpack are superior functionality and extreme durability, which you should always consider.

Remember: Tactical backpacks are designed to be reliable even in the worst of conditions and yet have enough space to carry all your gear in an organized manner.

Tactical backpacks don’t have a lot of gimmicky features; instead, they focus mainly on functional elements that make them more versatile. These are the backpacks for those challenging missions and hikes where regular backpacks don’t even stand a chance.

Best Tactical Backpack and Reviews

With so many military backpack options on the market, choosing the one that suits your needs become a tricky, confusing, and tedious task even after hours of online research. We intend to make this your last stop in your quest for an outstanding assault pack.

So, how did we choose it?

We have tested, rated, and reviewed some of the best backpacks on the market in our extensive reviews so that you can easily choose the perfect backpack with 100% confidence. Before delving any deeper, let’s look at some of the critical things we considered (and which you should consider) when looking for a tactical backpack.

So, don’t go anywhere; we will review some of the most exceptional military tactical backpacks ever in a bit!

Comparison Table of Top 10 Tactical Backpacks in 2023

ProductSternum StrapMOLLE CompatibleBuy forPrice
5.11 Rush 72YesYesLong Hike and Suitable for the Toughest Situation
check price
Condor 3 Day AssaultYesYesDay Hike for Minimum 72 Hours or More
check price
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon IIYesYesDay Hike, Office, EDC
check price
5.11 Rush 24YesYesCamper, Outdoor Survivalist
check price
Direct Action DustYesYes (laser-cut)Just Right as Everyday Carry Bag
check price
Maxpedition Kodiak GearslingerNoYesBest go-to Buy for Hikers
check price
5.11 Rush 12YesYesShort Hiking, Small Day Trip
check price
G.P.S. Tactical RangeNoYes (triple stitched)Shooters, Law Enforcement, Mission
check price
Explorer Tactical Gun ConcealmentYesYes (only back)Shooting Range Bags
check price
Hazard 4 Evac Plan-b SlingNoYes (full)Sling pack for Tricky Situation
check price

After putting dozens of tactical backpacks to the test and comparing them against some of the best bags in the industry, we came up with a list of some of the best tactical packs that money can buy you today. So, without further ado, let’s delve in.


A few of the top picks on my list are priced well over $100. Are they worth it? In my view, they are worth it. They may seem pricey initially, but their durability, material quality, and build make them worth trying. For me, quality matters, and I want to believe that you feel the same way too. After all, you will not change your pack every month, or are you? I’ve met with people who have been using tactical backpacks for several years, and they interestingly had no signs of wear and tear even after harsh use!

Does Quality and Cost Matter to You? Then Here is My Recommendation:

The best tactical backpack under $50 would be this one by Mil-Tec – a 36-Liter capacity backpack made of 600D polyester with multiple MOLLE attachment points. When on a tight budget, finding a bag with many features that suit your needs can be hard. But considering everything this backpack offers at such an affordable price, it has become my favorite.

A top tactical backpack under $100 would be 3V Gear Posse Tactical Sling Pack. I am quite drawn to the 3V Gear Brand as most of their models, from what I found out, come with multiple pockets for quick and easy access. Whether in urban jungles or in fierce desert warfare, this EDC backpack will be handy.

Best Tactical and Military-Grade Backpack Reviews

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

Best Buy for the Money for 2023

5.11 Tactical Rush 72

This great tactical backpack will stand its ground in the toughest of situations. It is a front-loader backpack with a volume of 55 liters. It is ideal for longer treks.

It has some compartments, including a fleece-lined sunglasses compartment that is very uniquely designed. I also like the large main compartment, additional zipped front compartment, and organizational compartment.

The compartments are enough to organize almost everything needed for your long trek.

The backpack is made from ultra-durable 1050-Denier nylon fabric. It is completely waterproof and can withstand the roughest use. It also features additional compression straps on the sides to stabilize the load.

Similar to the earlier 5.11 designs, it also features a hydration chamber. The backpack is also MOLLE compatible, so you can customize it per your requirement. For a complete review, click here.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Tough, rugged constructionHeavier
Spacious compartments for organizationExpensive
Well-designed sunglasses pocket 
Integrated hydration pack 


Although this is a great backpack, some things could have been better:

  • It is on the heavier side; some of the similar-sized backpacks weigh a bit less. However, considering the other aspects, it is in no way a deal breaker.
  • Also, it is on the more expensive side. But hey, it is worth every extra penny!


If you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable backpack that is great for long hikes, this is the backpack for you.

Condor 3-Day Assault Pack

The Best 3-day Assault Pack Available – Versatile and Extremely Comfortable

Condor Assault Pack

If I had to choose one word to describe this awesome bag, it would be durability. This is one of the most rugged bags that I have ever used. It can stand almost anything and still shows no sign of wear. It looks as great returning from a hike as it does from the start. I wish I could say the same about myself! This is the most reliable tactical backpack for a 3-day or 72 hours trip.

This bag has tons of storage compartments, seven to be precise. These compartments can hold anything and everything you carry on a day hike. The main compartment has a lot of space for strapping and tying down inner compartments to organize everything and keep your gear in place.

With bigger bags, comfort is imperative. The Condor 3 is surprisingly very comfortable for its size.

I have a lot of experience carrying heavy backpacks, but this one is one of the most comfortable.

The shoulder straps are extra wide with excellent padding. The back panel also has foam padding and a lot of ventilation to keep you from sweating excessively.

The durable 1000 Denier fabric construction makes the bag virtually indestructible. It can take a serious beating without even showing any signs of damage.

Click here to read more about the Condor 3-day assault pack.​

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Extremely rugged constructionWeak pull tabs
Multiple compartments for great organization of gear 
External compression straps for a balanced load 
Grommets on all compartments for drainage 


This sturdy piece has very little to complain about. But, if I nitpick, some things come to mind.

  • The pull tabs on the zippers are not that great. I tore them after a few months of use.
  • Also, some people have observed that the backpack may hang a bit lower if you are shorter than 5’6’’. But this is not that big a problem at all.


This is excellent if you want a no-nonsense tactical backpack for a day hike. It is strong, full of great compartments, and very reasonably priced. Honestly, this is one of the top assault packs on my all-time favorite list.

Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II

Small Pack for Daily Use, Office, and Small Trip

Maxpedition Pygmy backpack

The pygmy is a small tactical backpack with a capacity of about 18 liters. This is ideally suitable for short hikes and climbs in the wilderness. It has all the compartments you need to carry all the gear during your short trips.

The design is the first thing that jumps right out at you in this Maxpedition backpack. It is a very modular design with loads of neat compartments and other spaces to stash everything. I am a big fan of organized backpacks.

With the Pygmy Falcon II, you will not have to turn the bag upside down to search for something. You can organize all your stuff, so it is incredibly easy to find and save time. It also has ample PALS webbing to customize your backpack as well.

The backpack is made from a heavy-duty nylon fabric that can withstand the roughest conditions. The layout of the backpack is also worth special mention.

When you load the backpack fully, there are no balance issues whatsoever. This makes the backpack that much easier to carry around. The breathable padding on the straps and the back panel are also excellent for enhanced airflow.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Great compartmentalized designHeavier
Sufficient MOLLE straps for customization 
Durable materials 
Exceptional layout for a very well-balanced load 


The Pygmy is a great backpack but has one flaw that is a common concern among users. It is a heavy backpack. Although it is not the heavies, it still tips the scale on the higher side.


This is an ideal backpack for day hikers that like their stuff to be organized neatly. I recommend this backpack to people looking for a smaller design who don’t mind carrying just a bit extra weight.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

Editor’s Choice

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

Another model from 5.11, the Rush 24, is a great backpack that offers more capacity in a smaller form factor. Sometimes you need extra storage space but don’t want to carry a huge, full-size 60-liter backpack. For all such scenarios, the Rush 24 is a perfect solution. Its capacity is 34 liters, which puts it right between small and large backpacks.

Relevant: Full Review of 5.11 Rush 24

It is a durable backpack made from a combination of nylon and fabric for added strength. The pack is made from a military-grade 1050D ballistic nylon polymer that is as tough as possible. On top of it, it has a water-repellent coating to make it completely waterproof.

The MOLLE compatibility makes the backpack very versatile and open for customization.

It has many compartments to organize all your gear neatly. I love this backpack’s smaller front pockets termed ‘bookend pockets’. These pockets are great for throwing in smaller things such as lighters, notepads, and even some spare change.

All the pockets are nicely padded to protect all your expensive gear. The back pocket used for the hydration bladder can hold your laptop if you are in the mood for some urban hike to the coffee shop!

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Great size for added utilityA bit on the heavier side
Nice compartments for organizing all your stuffNo lumbar strap (Waist strap)
Top grab handle and the straps are very comfortable 
Integrated hydration pack 


This is a great backpack. That being said, some minor things could have been a bit better.

  • Again, this backpack from 5.11 is a bit on the heavier side. Nothing off-putting, but still a bit heavy.
  • Another thing that I found was it does not have any lumbar strap (Waist strap); It would have been great for heavier loads.


This is a perfect backpack with that ‘in-between’ capacity. If you are looking for a spacious yet not too bulky backpack, you might have just found it!

Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack

Perfect Everyday Carry Bag (EDC)

Direct Action Dust backpack

This is the smallest tactical backpack made by Direct Action and is ideal for short day-long hikes. It is a 20-liter backpack that you can carry every day. It is designed to keep all your gear neatly organized in plenty of pockets and compartments.

The Dust has a front pocket with a flap equipped with transparent plastic so you can look at your maps without having to take them out all the way.

The main compartment is spacious and can carry most of your gear, including a small softshell jacket. I also like the pocket on top of the front compartment.

It is great for carrying documents as it is accessible from only one side. The shoulder pads are very comfortable and padded nicely.

The backpack is made from high-quality, light, and durable 500D Cordura fabric. The outer shell of the backpack is finished with a DWR coating to make it water-repellent.

Another thing that is really great about this backpack is the combat vent® system. This allows the backpack to airflow between your back and the backpack. It is comfortable, and you won’t sweat even after a constant carry.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Very lightweight designLow capacity
Small form factor; ideal for short hikesDetachable waist strap
Very durable and water repellent fabric 
Adjustable and very comfortable shoulder and waist straps 


This is a great backpack that has consistently received favorable reviews. The backpack performed to my expectations. But still, some things you can keep in mind are:

  • It is a small backpack with a capacity of 20L. So if you want to carry a lot of stuff, this may not be ideal.
  • Also, as this backpack is small, I think there is no need for the waist strap, but you can’t detach the waist belt on this one.


This is a great backpack for anyone looking for a small, everyday carry (EDC) backpack. It is great for short hikes where you will not have a lot of gear to carry. You can also use it as a daily backpack and comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop.

Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger

The Best Backpack that I Can Recommend to Hikers

Kodiak Gearslinger

This is a slightly different design than our standard tactical backpacks. This backpack features a single shoulder strap design. This design adds extra functionality as you can easily swing it in the front and offer quick access to many pockets and compartments.

This 10-liter backpack is loaded with many smartly positioned compartments for easy access. The main compartment of the backpack is very spacious with internal organization compartments.

The backpack has an ergonomically designed shoulder strap that can rotate 180 degrees. This gives the backpack complete top-down access without being taken off the shoulders.

The internal hydration compartment has a capacity of a 100-ounce bladder which is great for this backpack size.

The 1000-Denier fabric is sturdy enough for the roughest use and is abrasion and water-resistant. I also like the option of PALS modular webbing on this backpack for additional customization.

Although it is a minor thing, I like the paracord zipper pulls. I have always struggled to open my backpack zippers, especially during the freezing weather. These zipper pulls make it so easy to get the compartments open.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Great design with a single shoulder strapWeak shoulder strap
Multiple compartments for easy storage of all your gear 
Dedicated hydration compartment 
PALS modular webbing for great customization 


This is a great backpack, but some complaints are common among the users

  • The single shoulder strap needs some getting used to the user. If you plan on biking or running, the shoulder strap falls off quickly.


This innovative backpack is designed to be ideal for outdoors and in urban settings. The single shoulder strap is stylish and looks cool. I recommend this backpack to anyone looking for a versatile tactical light backpack that can be carried on hikes and the streets.

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

An Excellent One for Small Day Trip

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

This is one of the most well-designed tactical backpacks on the market. I prefer this backpack for smaller hikes that last a day or so. This backpack has a capacity of 21 liters and is great for day hikes.

I enjoy organizational pockets on a backpack, especially if it is a small unit. Rush 12 does not disappoint in this department at all.

It has 9 pockets and compartments to organize all your stuff just the way you want.

The backpack is made from completely water-resistant ballistic nylon, making it extremely durable and light. The stitching on this backpack is also great, and the self-repairing zippers are an added plus. It is built to stand almost anything you can throw at it.

The additional feature that I like about this backpack is that it comes with an integrated 60-ounce hydration pack. You can slip a bladder in it for hands-free hydration.

Our comprehensive review of Rush 12 is here if you want to learn more about it.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Lightweight designLess useful hydration pocket
High-grade ballistic nylon outer shell constructionToo small for long hikes
9 Compartments to organize everything 
Integrated hydration pack 


The only complaint with this unit is that the hydration pocket can’t be used for anything else if you don’t want to carry the bladder.


This backpack fits anyone looking for a tactical backpack for smaller day trips and treks.

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Best for Carrying Handguns for Mission or Deployment

Black GPS

This has to be one of the quality tactical backpacks for carrying to a range. It can easily carry two handguns and some extra magazines as well. The backpack has many additional compartments that make it ideal for a range.

Here is the complete review for you!

The main compartment is huge and has a divider if you want to compartmentalize your stuff. It also has two pockets for additional smaller gear such as flashlights etc.

It also has special compartments for magazines and cleaning supplies for your gun.

I like that the compartments feature signs and pictures that help you organize the backpack more efficiently.

The backpack is made from high-grade nylon, making it sturdy but keeping the weight down. The outer shell of the backpack is coated with DuPont Teflon to add that water-repellent layer.

The other thing that I like about this backpack is that it has a very comfortable lumbar strap.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Designed for shooting range with perfectionFits smaller guns only
Compartments for carrying ammo and other suppliesNot suitable for hiking
Very durable and water repellent fabric 
Very comfortable with extra-wide shoulder straps and a lumbar strap 


This backpack is designed with a shooting range in mind. Although it delivers most of the expectations from such a backpack, some minor things have been bothering users.

  • The backpack is a bit on the bulkier side.
  • The three pistol holders are great for smaller guns like the Glock 42, but the fitting may be tight with larger guns, such as Glock 19.


If you frequent the shooting range and are looking for a perfect backpack that is simple, sturdy, and spacious, this one is calling your name. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment

Best Budget Hiking Pack Under $100

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment

This great tactical backpack can meet all your extended hiking gear storage needs. This is a big backpack with many compartments and a concealed gun compartment.

The backpack has four military-style pockets with sturdy buckled fastening. Apart from these small pockets, it has six zippered compartments to organize everything you want to pack in.

The thing I like the most about this backpack is the presence of great padded straps. With backpacks of this size, you will need all the added comfort you can get. With this backpack, you get a waist and sternum strap and traditional shoulder straps. This takes away the pressure on your shoulders, especially on longer hikes.

The backpack is made from extra durable 600D X 600D polyester fabric for added strength and durability. It is hydration system ready and also features specially dedicated compartments for your laptop and tablet. It is also MOLLE-ready for full customization.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Lovely design with multiple organizational compartmentsIrremovable concealed carry pouches
Durable polyester material; people have been able to carry as much as 40 pounds of gear in this backpackDoesn’t fit a large pistol
MOLLE ready and comes with a dedicated hydration pocket 
Unbeatable price 


I like this backpack a lot. It packs in many good qualities of a high-end backpack. Some minor things that I found worth mentioning are:

  • The concealed carry pouches are not removable.
  • Also, they are on the smaller side. So, if you carry a larger pistol, the fit is snugger than I would like.


The Explorer backpack is great for someone on a budget and looking for a larger backpack to carry a lot of gear. It is affordable and has many compartments, making it ideal for long trips and hikes.

Hazard 4 Evac Plan-b Sling Pack

The Slinger – Suitable for Emergency Situations

Hazard 4

Hazard 4 is made with one plan in mind- getting you out of a tricky situation. This slim bag holds everything you will need to escape a dangerous situation. Hence the name plan-b! The backpack has many MOLLE straps that you can customize to almost anything.

This backpack features a single shoulder strap design for greater functionality. One neat feature of this shoulder strap is choosing the shoulder you want the bag to sling across.

This strap allows the bag to rotate 180 degrees in the front of your body so that you can access almost all the compartments without taking the bag down from your shoulder.

This is great in case of emergencies and in tight spaces where taking the bag off your shoulders can be a real hassle.

The backpack has a lot of cushioned support for the strap and inside the pockets. The backpack’s back panel features a contoured design allowing air to flow freely between the bag and your back. If you are like me and sweat a lot, you will find that this bag is so much more comfortable than many others.

The main compartment is designed to stash even a long gun like the Sub 2000. The hydration bladder is also built-in, and there are many additional pockets for various sundry items.

The bag is made from a very durable and tough Cordura material. It is also coated with a special DuPont Teflon to make it completely water-resistant.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Single shoulder straps for easy access to various compartmentsNot suitable for long hikes
Plenty of MOLLE straps make the bag customizable 
Dedicated hydration compartment 
Compression straps keep the load well balanced 


The Hazard 4 is a great rescue bag. If you are looking for a bag you want to carry on long hikes, this is not for you. Many customers make the mistake of getting this bag for hauling a huge amount of gear and end up unhappy with the size.


This a backpack for someone looking for a ‘bail out’ backpack for emergency evacuations or similar situations. I keep this backpack loaded with gear in the trunk of my truck on my long road trips. If you are also looking for a backpack for similar purposes, this has your name on it!

How to Choose the Best Tactical Backpack?

When choosing a tactical backpack, there are many things to consider. You can choose from many options depending on what you want out of the backpack. However, certain important considerations apply no matter what kind of backpack you seek.

How comfortable is it?

Comfort is one of the most important things you should consider while buying a backpack. Although a tactical backpack is sturdy and rugged, it does not mean it can’t be comfortable.

You will likely end up carrying this backpack for extended periods with some heavy load. In this scenario, a comfortable carry will make all the difference. Here are some of the essential features that make a backpack comfortable:

  • Extra-wide straps: They distribute the weight, so they are more comfortable.
  • Sternum strap: These straps run from one shoulder strap to the other across your sternum. They are great for even the load and take the pressure off your shoulders. These are especially great in you have a heavier load and a big backpack.
  • ​Lumbar strap: It is similar to the sternum strap but runs across the hips. It takes the stress away from the shoulders and makes the backpack easier to carry.
  • Air channels: These will allow air to circulate between your back and the backpack, making it comfortable to carry.

How much capacity it has?

Tips to Choose Best Military Backpack

Capacity is another important consideration. The bigger the carrying capacity, the more gear you can carry. You might need more space if you plan on an extended hike. On the flip side, the bigger backpacks are heavy. So, choosing the right size is important. You don’t want to end up with a bulky backpack when you don’t need an enormous amount of space or too small a backpack when you need a lot of gear. By properly carrying the backpack, you can avoid back pain.

I personally follow a rule of thumb while going on hikes:

  • If I plan a day trip, I usually carry a 30-liter backpack.
  • Over multiple nights, I go for at least a 40-liter backpack on longer trips.

This rule has served me great over the years, and I recommend following this guideline.

What is the construction material?

When you are in the market for a tactical backpack, you want a durable one. The choice of the material is critical. It will decide how sturdy the backpack is, and at the same time, it will also determine the comfort and weight of the unit as well. Many materials are used in tactical backpacks:

  • Nylon: This is completely artificial but is adamant, light, and durable.
  • Polyester: It is also synthetic fabric but is not as strong as nylon. However, it can block UV rays better than nylon.
  • ​Rip-stop nylon: It is stronger even than nylon.
  • Canvas: It is made from natural fabric, but it is heavier than all the previous three.

The choice of material will entirely depend on individual preference.

How organized is the backpack?

I like my backpacks to be very well organized. All the important things need to be accessible easily without you having to waste valuable time searching for them. I always prefer to buy a backpack with multiple compartments to organize my stuff how I want.

Other things to consider:

Load design: This is rather a personal choice. I prefer the top-loader design for longer trips and a front-load design for shorter trips.

Other features: Some added features, such as an integrated hydration pack or extra foam on the back, can also be quite useful. However, with each add-on, the backpack’s weight will keep increasing.

Color and style: There are many color schemes and patterns available. The choice will completely depend on the utility of the backpack. If you are going on a hunting mission, a camouflage design is better than a solid color.

A hiking tour or military mission for up to 3 days or 72 hours needs some specific items to pack; here is the list of suitable backpacks you should consider for your 3-day trip.

How do We Recommend it?

So, these were our tactical backpack reviews, and hopefully, they will help you to make an informed decision. The market of tactical backpacks is filled with thousands of products and hundreds of brands. You must have come across so many mediocre reviews that merely talk about the specification of the backpacks. These reviews make a choice even more difficult.

However, we opt for a different approach. We have team members who have extensive trekking and hiking experience. We know what are the most important things that need to consider in choosing the right backpack.

Our choices are not influenced by brands or prices, or looks; we are here to recommend the best backpacks that perform in real-world conditions. The backpacks will not let you down.

Rather than comparing the backpacks against each other, we choose to pit them against our predetermined standards to make the playing field even. This results in the most unbiased reviews possible. That is why you can choose any of our picks with 100% confidence. Things to consider:

  • Durability
  • Capacity
  • ​Tactical Functionality
  • ​Comfort level
  • Price

Different Types of Tactical Backpacks

MOLLE Backpack

Standing for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE), this particular backpack is used by US and NATO forces. The emphasis is on the modular design that allows for the attachment of various modules for carrying particular types of gear. The MOLLE replaced the ALICE backpack, and today it is considered the premier backpack for the military, hikers, and campers who want it all in one unit.

The best advantages of the MOLLE backpack start with the modular design, which means that it can be customized for carrying specific equipment. This is why they make the perfect backpacks for hiking or camping, as they can be adjusted for particular equipment types.

Sling Backpack

Sling Military Mini Backpack

This backpack is traditionally used for school and features a single sling that carries the pack over the shoulder. The best sling backpack is simple in design, featuring a single, large storage area for books. Plus, there are a few pockets and compartments for carrying smaller items. The backpack’s design is to be ambidextrous so that it can be carried over the left or right shoulder.

Most sling-type tactical backpacks are made from nylon or nylon-based materials. They are sturdy, durable, and in some cases, waterproof. However, they are used indoors to carry heavy items such as books, papers, etc. This is why they are perfect for those attending classes.

Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks differ significantly from sling backpacks primarily because they carry sensitive electronic equipment like a laptop. There is extra padding in the areas where the materials are carried for better protection. This backpack is distinguished by its waterproof materials surrounding breathable, closed-cell foam padding. This allows the laptop and other sensitive electronic equipment to ward off condensation while remaining protected from the elements.

The shoulder straps are protected by extra padding to compensate for the additional weight of the equipment being carried. The best laptop tactical backpack is durable, rugged, and heavily padded, so the contents will remain secure if you drop it.


A tactical backpack is a crucial piece of equipment for any trekker, hiker, or survivalist. Choosing it with great care and consideration is important.

Remember that:

The perfect tactical backpack is not only durable and comfortable; it needs to meet all of your storage requirements to handle any situation that you may face. It must keep all your gear well protected and organize it perfectly.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides on buying tactical backpacks that you will come across. In this guide, we have reviewed the ten best tactical backpacks perfect for any imaginable scenario. No matter your need, we have a backpack that is perfect for you. With years of experience, we have recommended some of the best military-grade backpacks you can buy.

This is a one-stop for all your tactical backpack needs. You can’t go wrong choosing any of our recommended products. Just choose the one that appeals to your need the most.

Happy backpacking!

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