Blinding Flashlight is Always a Handy Tool to Have!
Blinding Flashlight is Always a Handy Tool to Have!

Purchasing a good flashlight depends on its core requirements and the value it offers.

One question many people will have involves choosing between blinding and traditional flashlights.

Here is the case made for blinding flashlights and the main advantages these tools have to provide those who are entering the market looking to find a good solution.

1) Provide Tactical Advantage

The primary benefit of a “blinding” flashlight is to blind. Yes, it’s going to help provide a tactical advantage if an intruder is on your property and its time to bring them down.

A traditional flashlight won’t do much in such scenarios.

A must have tool in collection for campers, hikers and law enforcement personnel.

2) Lightweight

It is made for easy control as you are moving forward in a hurry.

You won’t have it drag you down especially those who mount it to a handgun.

3) Easy To Grip

These flashlights are made to grip and won’t fall out of your hands.

They have ergonomic designs that are easy on the hands and will remain steady as you are moving forward.

4) Compact Stream Of Light (Beam)

The tungsten filament is designed to produce a stronger beam of light out of the flashlight. This is going to pierce and disable an intruder’s movement as soon as they’re hit with the light.

5) Can Be Used With Handguns

The purpose of a blinding flashlight is to hinder movement of an intruder, but also gain an advantage through positioning. Therefore, many people will use these flashlights along with a handgun. It can be mounted right on top of the handgun to work in unison. The beam of light makes it easier to blind and shoot in seconds. Having this option is often beneficial.

These are the five great advantages of purchasing a blinding flashlight over a normal or standard flashlight. It all depends on the user which type of flashlight is suitable for their purpose. It is considered as a great tool for self-defense. This is illegal in majority of the states to keep a gun, firearms, and ammunition without proper authority.

This is where having a blinding flashlight comes into play. Every American should buy one especially those who live in rural areas which is prone to theft, mugging and robbery.


My name is John Winger, I was born and raised in Virginia. I spent a good part of my early adult life in the US military, namely the Army and served in Iraq. I saw my fair share of combat missions and thanks to that experience I have a better understanding and appreciate for what my country means to me and the world.

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