There are a considerable number of benefits to purchasing a tactical backpack. This is especially true for those who go hiking, camping, or hunting as well as for professionals in law enforcement and the military. A tactical backpack is also an excellent “bug-out” bag perfect for handing emergency gear in case of a disaster.

However, to get the right tactical backpack for your needs, you will have to avoid making fundamental mistakes. All too often, people who buy the wrong backpack do so because they didn’t take a few moments to research what they needed. Here are five common mistakes that people make when purchasing a tactical backpack.

Not Trying out the Bag

Just like you test drive a vehicle or walk in a pair of shoes before buying them, you should try out the bag before making the purchase. First, put the backpack on to see if it fits properly. It might take a little time at first, but on your second and third tries the backpack should easily fit on your shoulders and strap around your waist. If you are ordering a tactical backpack online, go to a local retail store to find similar bags and try them out.  Otherwise, keep that money back guarantee in mind in case you order the wrong size bag.

The Wrong Specialized Backpack

If you are using your tactical backpack for law enforcement, medical, or military needs, then you will need to focus on those that are designed for that particular field. This is because specialized backpacks not only offer features for each specialty, there are also important differences in materials and construction that play a substantial role. So, get the right specialty tactical backpack for your needs.

Getting the Wrong Size

Turned Out to the Wrong Size? It is Frustrating, I know.

Your tactical backpack should be large enough to carry all of the gear that you want to take with you. Getting one that is a little too big is far better than not purchasing one that isn’t big enough. So, when you look over the backpack, check out all the compartments and mentally put all of your needed items inside. In fact, you’ll want to make a list of what you usually carry so you can see if it will all fit into the pack.

Not Understanding the Compartments in the Backpack

At first, it may seem that one compartment looks just like another, particularly when it comes to the smaller compartments on the backpack. However, each compartment has a particular use, and you will need to become familiar with them to get the right backpack. If you carry small, sharp objects, then a reinforced compartment is needed. So, take the time to check out all the compartments to ensure you are getting what you need.

Not Getting a Repair Kit

Even the best backpacks may rip or tear when on a trip, so be sure to purchase a repair kit so that you can make a quick fix while out in the wilderness. Naturally, you’ll need room in the backpack for a repair kit, but it will be well worth the investment. Many of the repairs that are made by the kits will last for the lifetime of the backpack itself, so be sure to get one for your pack.


My name is John Winger, I was born and raised in Virginia. I spent a good part of my early adult life in the US military, namely the Army and served in Iraq. I saw my fair share of combat missions and thanks to that experience I have a better understanding and appreciate for what my country means to me and the world.

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