5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack: Full In-depth Review

This 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack review will cover all the essential features of this backpack. From my perspective, this is the kind of backpack you will want to carry across rough terrain and unpredictable weather.

Rush 24 has received a lot of good feedback but is it as good as advertised?

​I have tried to simplify the review, so you understand the pros, cons, and benefits. My purpose is to provide a clear picture that this backpack offers to its targeted customers.

5.11 Rush 24 Backpack Review

In this review, I am going to take a close look at its features, the storage compartment, and the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s worth buying or not. To check if it comes with your favorite color option, click here.

The 5.11 Rush 24 pack was built from the ground up to provide maximum space without hampering your mobility, and it shows in the quality. Let’s take a look at its main features.


The backpack is built from high quality 1050-denier nylon, and it also has PUx2 for enhanced water repellence. The material is sturdy but not heavy, and it is just right for heavy-duty use in rough environments. The bag is not just water-resistant as it is also resistant to wear and tear.

The overall impression I get from the material is that it is built for strength yet won’t slow you down. The stitches are top-notch all around the bag including the storage compartments. The bag also comes with YKK self-repairing zippers, a testament to its durability.

The bottom line is the Rush 24 is built with strength in mind. I have used this bag in various situations and terrains, and it holds up just fine. I don’t recommend you do this, but there have been times when I had to drag the backpack around and dropped it on more than one occasion, but the stitching and design hold up just fine.

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Storage Compartment

Huge Space Should Accommodate Everything You Need to Pack

My 5.11 Rush 24 review will now proceed to the storage compartment, and it is one of the bag’s strongest suits. Put it simply; the backpack comes with a lot of pockets and storage room, and this makes it easy to organize your stuff.

  • The main compartment measures 20″ H x 12.5″ L x 8″ D with a 2070 cubic inch capacity.
  • Inside the main compartment are three additional mesh pockets for organizing your stuff, ideal for storing small items, so they don’t get cluttered in the central area. One of the pockets in the main compartment area comes with a pull cord, handy for stuffing keys, batteries, and other small items.
  • ​At the top of the bag are a couple of “bookend pockets” that you can use to store small items that could get lost when placed in the main compartment. I use these pockets to keep my change, fire starter, and other loose items. Both pockets are zippered and fleece line and well-designed.
  • ​The bag has an eyewear pocket too. This fleece-lined, zippered outer pocket is set at the back of the bag, and it’s the right spot to place your sunglasses while you’re moving around.
  • On each side of the backpack are a couple more zippered pockets. These are sizeable, and you can use it to store maps and documents you may want to bring along.

VersatilityLots of Small Pockets to Carry Different Accessories

The versatility of the 5.11 Rush 24 backpack is evident from the presence of dual drainage grommets, as these are usually available on more expensive backpacks. If water somehow makes their way into the bag, the grommets will let the water and moisture flow away.

The bag may have a tactical looking design, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can use it for different occasions other than your outdoor adventures. It is larger than your typical EDC but doesn’t pack on that much extra weight.

Above everything else, it is the MOLLE system that gives it that extra versatility. Casual campers may not need MOLLE right away: the storage compartment and additional pockets provide a lot of room already. But if the time comes you require more space for longer trips, it’s easy to attach more pouches to the MOLLE webbing. Even if this isn’t a feature you might use right away, it’s good to know they’re available.

Support System

Padding, Comfort

The bag has several padded areas that so even if full, there is less pressure on your back. The bag’s design also allows for sufficient airflow between your back and the bag, and the weight distributes evenly.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and designed for long term use. Constructed from dual density closed-cell foam and DuraFlex hardware, the shoulder straps are fully adjustable and should keep you comfortable even during long walks. There is also an option for a sternum for increased stability.

​The bag has upper compression straps that you can use to compress the bag. This is a handy feature as it allows you to squeeze the bag if it’s not fully loaded. Even if it doesn’t have lower and upper straps these are more than adequate.

​The bag also comes with elastic keepers, so everything is matched up neatly. The yoke harness allows for even distribution of the weight, essential if it’s a full load. Due to the way the yoke has been implemented the bag is not going to cause any problems when you’re using it.

​The bag comes with waist belt attachment points if you want to use it, and the stitching is pretty good so even if the backpack is fully-loaded it’s not going to give up.

The bag comes with a lot of pockets, but if they are not enough you can add more as both sides – as well as the front – have MOLLE platforms. Since the bag is MOLLE compatible, it is easy to add additional pockets and pouches to suit your requirements.


  • Durable and water-repellent: As I have pointed out earlier, the Rush is built from high-quality materials.
  • Lots of pockets and storage room: The bag has more than enough room for all the survivalist, tactical and camping gear you need and more. The pockets are well-positioned, and the cords are durable and don’t get caught up when you pull them.
  • ​Can be used as an everyday bag or emergency: The Rush was built with versatility in mind, and this is evident from the construction down to the weight. Its numerous pockets and sleeves make it easy to store pens, pocket knives, flashlights and other items you will use frequently.
  • ​Comfortable to carry even when full: One of the most frequent complaints with tactical backpacks is they’re too heavy when full. While Rush is a bit heavier than other bags, it isn’t a burden to carry as there is a lot of padding here.
  • Made from high-quality materials: For its price, the bag is a bargain especially when you consider the materials it is made out of. Whether it is blazing hot or raining, the Rush 24 will be able to stand up to it. And a special mention for the zippers as they’re efficient and well-designed without drawing attention.


  • The backpack doesn’t come with a padded laptop sleeve, but this isn’t a problem as you can put your laptop in the hydration sleeve.
  • The Rush 24 is a bit large at 20″ (H) x 12.5″ (W) x 8″ (D) with a 2000 cubic inch. volume. But this is a useful feature for most as you can carry more stuff in it.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the largest laptop that I can put in this backpack?

A: There is no specific laptop pocket here, but you can use the hydration pocket to fit in a 17-inch laptop comfortably. Of course, you can always use the main compartment, but it might be too spacious and cause the laptop to toss about while you walk.

Q: What is the difference between the Rush 12 and 24?

A: The 5.11 Rush 12 is smaller and more suited for everyday carry. The Rush 24 can also be used as an EDC, but there is enough space here for a 3-day / 2-night camping trip.

Q: Who is this bag for?

A: This backpack is for the serious camper and outdoor enthusiast who wants to go out prepared. It is also ideal for the road warriors who need to carry their laptops or other gear to work.


Tactical Rush in Multicam Color

The 5.11 tactical rush 24 pack is not perfect in every aspect (realistically this is NOT possible for any brand or model), but overall it is an outstanding tactical pack with few comparisons. The storage compartment is spacious, the design is practical and versatile, and the manufacturer has managed to keep the price affordable. Not only is the backpack fully functional, but it is stylish too.

If you’re a survivalist, camper or just need a heavy-duty bag for daily or emergency use, I recommend the Rush 24.

This concludes my in-depth review of the 5.11 tactical rush 24 pack. Hope this will help you get an inside view and take the right decision.

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