The 18650 battery is one of the more versatile you can find for electronic devices. For flashlights, they offer plenty of power designed to help you see at night, whether outdoors or when the power goes out. For tactical flashlights, the 18650 is quite popular, but is it one of the best you can get?


18650 Battery from EBL

The 18650 looks similar to certain disposable batteries, but it is rechargeable, giving it an advantage over standard versions. Plus, it offers numerous features that you will enjoy for your flashlight and other electronic devices.

Familiar Design: This batter certainly looks like many standard disposable batteries, which is actually a plus since the learning curve to use them is virtually nonexistent. They can be used in many devices, not just flashlights. Just be sure not to mistake them for disposable batteries and toss them away.

Rechargeable: The quick recharging capacity of the battery makes it quite attractive for those who go camping, hiking, or spend plenty of time outdoors at night. Plus, they can stay in the recharger until needed for power outages. Their durability is also a positive feature, as they can be recharged multiple times before exhausting their capacity, which is a real plus.

High Drainage Capacity: In other words, this battery can be drained faster of energy, which means it can push up the lumens, so you get more brightness. This makes the battery excellent for tactical flashlights designed to blind an attacker temporarily.


There are numerous benefits to the 18650 battery, starting with how easy it is to find. The fact that it is so common makes it advantageous since you can obtain others easily.

  • Power
  • Ease of Use
  • Rechargeability

The 18650 is a battery commonly used in vape devices, which means it packs plenty of power for its size. In fact, it packs three times the power of standard disposable batteries, meaning it can operate at higher-lumen settings for more extended periods.

It also helps that the battery can be recharged up to 1000 times without affecting the overall capacity. This is excellent, given that reaching 1000 recharges is quite a feat and demonstrates this battery’s overall advantages.


If there are any disadvantages, it starts with the price, as rechargeable batteries cost considerably more than their disposable counterparts. However, most people will note that the battery makes up for it on each recharge. Otherwise, there are no inherent flaws in the battery itself.


Overall, the 18650 battery for flashlights is quite popular and one of the best you can find. Thanks to its ability to store a solid amount of power, rechargeability, and ease of use, you will want flashlights that work with this battery.

If anything, having your flashlights use this battery means that other electronic devices will also use the 18650, which helps maximize the value.


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