Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Review

The popularity of tactical flashlights has led to the development of small, compact units that offer several features. In this Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL review, the features, pros and cons, questions, and the final verdict will be made on this device. The evaluations are based on personal use along in the wilderness with the product information found on the Streamlight website.

General Features:

The Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 offers several features that are commonly found among tactical flashlights, with some being more prominent than others.

  • 750 Lumen High Setting
  • C4 LED Technology
  • ​Ten-Tap Programming
  • 3 Output Levels: High, Medium, and Low
  • 3 User Selector Programs: high/strobe/low, low/high, and high only
  • ​One-Hand Operation
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Rechargeable Battery
  • 50,000-Hour Lifetime

Let's dig deep for more details...

Testing Different Features of Streamlight 88040 750

Beautifully Designed, Well Accommodated inside Hand!

The 750-lumen high setting is more than enough to illuminate a large area in front of you and blind any potential attacker. The medium and small settings are well suited for navigating in the dark out in the woods or when the power goes out in your home.

The user selector programs are quite good at attracting attention thanks to the variations of the flashing. Plus, I was easily able to operate the flashlight with one hand only which is important.

This is important:

According to the manufacturer, it is waterproof up to three feet for up to an hour. So, I wouldn’t take it for scuba diving, but it will survive drops of the puddle or hard rain with ease.

I found the Ten-Tap programming to be interesting, but for the primary uses, it's really an extra feature of an already impressive design. The LED technology makes it highly durable and reliable which is what I like in a tactical flashlight.

Video Review of Steamlight 88040

Under normal testing conditions which included clear and inclement weather conditions, I put the 88040 ProTac HL 750 through several tests to determine its flexibility, durability, and overall usefulness when outdoors in the wild and urban areas as well.


  • Easy to Use
  • Mighty High Setting
  • ​Very Durable
  • ​Simple Programming
  • Compact Design


  • Can get hot on the highest setting
  • Take more time to get charge
  • With all the excellent features, the rechargeable battery is an issue with me because I like to use standard batteries. However, the recharging speed is good, and it’s perfect for emergency use.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several issues that I had about using a flashlight with such a high lumen rating, particularly when it comes to injuring the skin.

Q: Does it burn the skin?

Only if held close to the skin for an extended time.

Q: Can you defend yourself with the flashlight?

Yes, you can blind and strike the attacker if need be.

Q: Can you mount it on a pistol?

Yes, but you may need to create a mount for it.

Q: Do I have to use rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable lithium batteries, otherwise it might cause complications.


Overall, the 88040 ProTac HL 750 by Streamlight is a compact, powerful tactical flashlight that holds up quite well in all types of environmental conditions. I recommend it for self-defense and if you need an extra light around the home in case of a blackout.

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