Military Anglehead Flashlight

Anglehead Military Style Flashlight

​When it comes to flashlight designs, there are few as recognizable as the military style flashlight with the right angle head.  This particular type of flashlight has been in use since World War II and today it is still an important part of military equipment in armies around the world.What is ​A Military Anglehead Flashlight?​​This […]

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7 Must-Have Self-Defense Features In Your Military Flashlight

Compact LED Flashlight for Militaries

A high-quality military flashlight offers numerous features that make it an essential item for self-defense. A military grade flashlight offers more features than a standard version, but there are 7 essential features for the device to be considered ideal for self-defense including: Table of Contents1. Bright, Blinding Light2. Self-Defense Utility3. Hard, Durable, Aluminum Casing4. Waterproof5. […]

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Electronic Gadgets For A Survivalist

Survival Electronic Gadgets

For many survivalists, electronic devices are a must when out in the wild. From offering convenience to ways of saving your life, having the right gadgets handy can make all the difference when hiking, camping, or hunting outdoors. Here are seven essential electronic gadgets that you will need when taking your next trip into the […]

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