Is It Offensive for Civilians to Wear Military Backpacks?

Kids Camouflage Soldier Costume

With the recent arrests of civilians posing as US military personnel, it is a common question of whether civilians can wear any military gear. Understanding the law and where the line is drawn is useful information to know for those who are considering purchasing military equipment such as flashlight, hardware, and even uniforms for their […]

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5 Best Hiking Trails Around Virginia You Will Enjoy

Hiking Path in Forest

For those like me who are fortunate to live in the beautiful state of Virginia, there are many excellent hiking trails to experience. The Appalachian Mountains on the western side of the state provides some of the best hiking trails in the country. Some are challenging which requires a degree of survival skills and techniques, […]

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15 Essential Tips to Survive in the Desert

Survivalist Tips in Desert

The desert provides plenty of wonders, but it is also a dangerous place. If you are not entirely prepared, you may suffer considerably. So, here are 15 essential tips to survive in the desert so that you can make your stay as pleasant as possible. Inform Others of Your Destination & Timeframe Plenty of Water […]

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