7 Basic Wilderness Survival Tips for Beginners

Alone in the Wilderness

Most people will enjoy camping, hiking, or simply being in the great outdoors with little worry. However, even the best-laid plans can turn against you when the unexpected strikes. This means that you may get lost, hit by a sudden storm that makes paths or trails inaccessible, or get injured which means your mobility is […]

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My Top 5 Blinding Flashlight for Self-Defense

How do you use Blinding Flashlight for Self-defense?

This Tactical Flashlight can Shine enough to Blind Intruder! Finding the right self-defense weapon means striking a balance between effectiveness, defensive abilities, and practical application. Firearms are effective, but difficult to use in some particular situations and not allowed in many public places. Mace and pepper spray can be capable but limited in their application […]

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Ten C’s of Survival

Don't Forget to Carry Essential Items for Hike or Camp

Staying alive when you are caught out in the wilderness means knowing the 10 C’s of survival. Developed by Dave Canterbury, the 10 C’s are divided into two sections with five being essential and the other five being highly useful in keeping you alive more comfortably. Don’t confuse it the rule of 3 for survival. […]

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Is It Offensive for Civilians to Wear Military Backpacks?

Kids Camouflage Soldier Costume

With the recent arrests of civilians posing as US military personnel, it is a common question of whether civilians can wear any military gear. Understanding the law and where the line is drawn is useful information to know for those who are considering purchasing military equipment such as flashlight, hardware, and even uniforms for their […]

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